Friday, November 2, 2007

Introduction (or, to catch y'all up)

Hi, I'm Hathor. You'll meet me formally in a few chapters, but I've been tasked with catching y'all up on where this blog came from.

You see, there's this Football Forum. On the forum, Jon (yes, THAT Jon) is looking for conversation with people who know something about his favorite sport. His best friend Richie joins the board too, and they are known as Kidd and Zan (Tarzan, really -- a reference to the big vine, but we shortened it). Somewhere in there, we all decided we needed royal names, so technically Richie is 'Lord Zan', but I digress.

To Kidd's and Zan's chagrin, there are a bunch of ladies on the forum who know something about football, but who are also pretty big fans of this group called "Bon Jovi".

Sam (the heroine in the Forum story) is a knowledgeable lady in the world of football, and a helluva nice lady too, even though she is NOT a Jovi fan. She has caught Kidd's eye, and they started an on-screen "romance". Sam eventually extended an open invitation to Kidd to come and visit her in Arkansas, and he did -- as a surprise visit. She didn't know who he was (other than his name was John) but does now! They've been together for a while now.

The rest of us ladies, mostly Lucy (Duchess, ChgoBearsFan), Stephanie (Queenie, NinerGirl), and me, Hathor (Goddess, FootballGoddess) have loosely gathered together and call ourselves "Zan's Harem". There are some others in the Harem, but we were the first. We've all been flirting outrageously with Zan, but he seems to have a soft spot for that Chicago Spitfire, Lucy. The two of them met and hit it off really well, and now he's "off the market", but we don't care. We still want to meet him, and dammit, we're going to! So, how did this come about?

In the early days on the Forum, there was a bet placed, when my beloved New England Patriots were playing Zan's New York Giants. The bet was, if the Pats won, Zan would agree to meet with Lucy and me when we were in New Jersey for the Prudential shows. If the Giants won, I would share a link to one of my stories (he was intrigued, and, hell, who am I to deny a reader!). The Pats won (but I still shared my story link) and now, we girls are off to have drinks with Zan. At this point in the catch-up, we have no idea who Zan really was.

Shortly after the bet was won, Zan and Lucy had talked on the phone. Lucy thought she recognized the voice, but wasn't sure, so she did a three-way call with Zan and me, and lo and behold, turns out she was right -- Zan was Richie! We now knew that Kidd and Zan were JB and Richie.

Stephanie figured it all out and when pressed, got Zan to admit to his true identity, with the promise that he wouldn't get outed. She's coming with us to NJ.

We three in the harem all continue to act oblivious to the guys' true identities on the board, except when Sam needs advice (she knows that we know) and we're having a helluva time.

Fast forward to yesterday. November 1, 2007. A day none of us will ever forget.


November first was the concert we went to. It was (of course) a great show. I've put some pictures in this blog from the show; you can see for yourself!

After the concert, we headed backstage to meet 'Lord Zan' and had one HELL of a good time. What follows is that story, if you're interested.

As Richie would say, "Strap yourself in darlin', it's gonna be a helluva ride."

Oh, one last thing. You can either navigate through the chapters by using the links on the left, or by clicking "newer post" or "older post" at the bottom of each section.

Are you ready?

Let's Go!